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1969 Martin 5-18

1969 Martin 5-18

1968 Martin 5-18 back view

1969 Martin 5-18 close up view of front.


1969 Martin 5-18 close up view of back

1969 Martin 5-18 close up view of top

1969 Martin 5-18 back close up view

1969 Martin 5-18 bridge close up view

1969 Martin 5-18 headstock front view

1969 Martin 5-18 headstock back view of tuners.

1969 Martin 5-18 close up view of frets and nut

Here is something you don't see every day. Full featured mini guitar.

The granddaddy of travel guitars. This little axe is in great condition. No cracks. All original. A real classic, and *the* small acoustic copied by the Baby Taylor crowd etc. You can still get one custom made by Martin in Nazareth, but they list for $3400. 12-fret (to the body) design, small dimensions (11 1/4” across the lower bout) and short (21.4”) scale length. But only 275 were ever made before the reissues even though they were made for many years.

Also known as a Terz guitar because it is designed to be tuned up a third so the 1st and 6th string would be G. High string guitars make the music sparkle. Once heard it described as sounding like a pocket full of new pennies. When this first came in the strings were rusty and I had to order a set of X-Light acoustic strings 10-47. When I put them on and tuned it up to 440 standard E tuning it sounded pretty good, but when I tuned it up to GCFBbDG we were all blown away. I started falling in love with this little guitar. It is very loud with super natural reverb and sustain. Perfect intonation. Perfect action. Real joy to play.

This example has the most beautifully flamed mahogany back I have ever seen on any guitar. Even the multi ply binding is miniature. The harmonics ring very loudly at the 4th, 5th, 7th, and 12th frets. This little guitar will surprise you.

I have been looking for one of these for a long time. Guess it is my turn now!

1969 Martin 5-18 in original case

Original case is worn but all there condition. The unfamous Ron Nobles and Fragile Peach Tree is spray painted on the outside of the top in good old 60s stencil style. Can you imagine trying to find a replacement case?

1969 Martin 5-18 case



Here is Marty Robbins playing a Martin 5-18 


Here is Bobbie Gentry playing her Martin 5-18 

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